European Media Art Festiaval Osnabrück 18.-22. April 2012

The festival programme 2012

On these pages you can get an overview on the contents of the last EMAF 2012.

Photo: Kerstin HehmannPhoto: Kerstin Hehmann


2012's film programme mainly consisted of observant works, the camera described people, situations or followed life historys over an extended period of time. But also funny animations, video clips and fictional films have made it into the programme.

Isabelle Tollenaere: Viva ParadisIsabelle Tollenaere: Viva Paradis
Democracia SER Y DURAR Democracia SER Y DURAR


The exhibition 2012 was titled "Revolve" and showed monitor installationskinetic light objects and artworks and especially many interactive projects.



The EMAF Congress focused on how the internet changes the media landscape. The provocative hypothesis that "YouTube is now the biggest TV channel in the world" describes the change in media use from TV to internet-based media and sparked debates at the festival's congress.

Visitors moreover were informed about the work of filmmakers from the Arabic region, especially artists from Syria and Egypt.

Philip Horani: LibertéPhilip Horani: Liberté
Max HattlerMax Hattler


Live performances, media events, music, sound and power projects at the 25th European Media Art Festival.

Media Campus

The Media Campus is a platform for young artists from all over the world. In 2012, Universities and art academies presented their current projects and programmes at the University Day and the Media Campus also showed a student-compiled film programme as well as different works in the field of our exhibition. Moreover there were workshops for students in which they realized own projects or worked together with other young talents.

Tim Tamke: DreischwesternTim Tamke: Dreischwestern
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