European Media Art Festiaval Osnabrück 18.-22. April 2012

Awarded Films at EMAF 2012

EMAF Award 2012

Hayoun Kwon:

"Manque de Preuves" (F 2011, video, 9:20 min)


In Nigeria, to be a twin can be a blessing or a curse. The father of O is the village chief. One day, his father tried to kill his two sons during a ritual ceremony. O managed to escape but saw his brother being murdered. Having fled across his country, he succeeded, by chance, in leaving Nigeria and going into exile in France. In this context, he applied for asylum but his application was refused because of a lack of evidence for his story.

Newcomer Award 2012

Ed Atkins:

"Death Mask III" (GB 2011, video, 34:46 min)


Atkins creates a sort of entrancing ambiguity, magnetic in its melancholic charms. He invites personal reflection on the part of the viewer, and, despite using his own experiences as a platform, never slips into self-indulgent melancholy. Death Mask deals with what it is to be human, from hapiness and loss to dealing with the fallibility of our own existence. (Jack Hutchinson)

"Dialogpreis" of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Kaya Behkalam:

"Excursions in the Dark" (ET 2011, video, 19:30 min)


The film is a visual study of the streets of post-revolutionary Cairo after midnight, accompanied by an associative narrative; it is an attempt to trace connections between architecture, collective dreamscapes and political agency.

Prize of the German Federal Association of Film Journalists

Constanze Fischbeck und Daniel Kötter:

"State-Theatre #2 Tehran" (D 2011, video, 24:00 min)


The Tehran Vahdat Hall is Iran's first and only classical opera-house. The main hall resembles Vienna State Opera. Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 no opera or ballet performances have taken place at Vahdat Hall.
Zoom Out: Director Behrooz Gharibpour replaces the opera singer by a puppet, by a poet, by himself.
Zoom Out: Sara Reyhani, trained as a dancer, was featured as a soloist in the first performance of so called "rhythmic movement" on the stage of Vahdat Hall in 1999.

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